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Local Postal History and Philatelic Club (Riksföreningen för Hembygdsfilateli) (RHF)

The members of RHF study and collect Swedish local postal history, cancels and postcards from their local area. Local area means for instance province, county, city, town, rural district or village. The most common area for collecting is province, county or rural district. Many members publish articles and books and take aktive part in philatelic exhibitions.

RHF was founded 1983 and has today more than ? members mostly from Sweden. We have regular meetings in Stockholm and at exhibitions and local clubs. Our own publication is called “Hembygdsfilatelisten” with four numbers a year.

A very important catalogue is Facit Postal where our members can find all postoffices over the years in their area of collecting. A postoffice may have used many different postmarks. The members document every postmark in detail from their area. Some have published the documentation from their province as Anders Lundgren with “Bohuslän postal history” and Erik Idhult with “Västerbotten postal history”.

The address to the responsible officer for membership is:

Ingvar Norelius
Vänortsstråket 1 B
191 61 Sollentuna